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Upper south island furrs ?904-Aug-2013WolfBro21-Nov-2017Kit
Invercargill furs113-Jan-2016Kit13-Jan-2016Kit
FurCoNZ 2016106-Nov-2015Lupa06-Nov-2015Lupa
Furry friends Wellington302-Mar-2015-not-shown-06-Nov-2015Lupa
Wellington Furs?617-May-2014-not-shown-02-Mar-2015Lupa
Fur suit partials128-Jan-2015Fax Fellon28-Jan-2015Fax Fellon
Fur suit partials128-Jan-2015Fax Fellon28-Jan-2015Fax Fellon
Hello... [page: 1 2 3]4108-Dec-2014Rex28-Jan-2015Fax Fellon
Hey all 305-Jan-2015Anty24-Jan-2015Anty
North Shore Fur looking for home514-Dec-2014Fen10-Jan-2015Fen
FurCo??322-Dec-2014Fax Fellon24-Dec-2014Fax Fellon
Auckland Furs?525-May-2014Clusterfur17-Dec-2014Rex
Hi404-Aug-2014Lex12-Dec-2014Fax Fellon
NZfurry Skype702-Jan-2013NZephyr04-Aug-2014Lex
Invercargill/Southland Furrs327-Jul-2014Jake30-Jul-2014Jake
Old furry (well, scaly), new place (Chch)810-Apr-2013TribalSkyGod04-Jul-2014Shadow
Dunedin Furs? [page: 1 2 3]4119-Nov-2009Kiba19-May-2014Fuath
Furs in Invercargill?429-Nov-2013Xerian28-Apr-2014Jake
West Coast508-Feb-2014Syn10-Mar-2014Luvitus
for some reason310-Jan-2014Anonymous11-Jan-2014Kyhwana

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